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i have to pipe in here! because I know just what you're talking about. I look at my shelf of *wonderful* parenting books that keeps growing, but yet when I really need answers, they come from within. But I do think the library of books is helpful too--if only to gain the 'language' of how I want to parent, and to balance out all the other cultural ideas of parenting that are in my head, whether I want them or not.
Wait, was that justification for buying another book? ;)

julie persons

Hello Shana, this is Julie Persons. This is just a note to let you know I am joining the masses of evacuees from HSB and moving my blog to:
Hope all is well.
LFLF looks wonderful, love the cover!!!!


Amanda, you sound just like me! Balancing out the prevalent cultural parenting ideas is *definitely* one of the reasons I go back to the books as often as I do. It's comforting to know I'm not alone. I guess I just feel slighted that natural parenting isn't the norm (how does "un-natural" become "normal"?). Maybe one day! :o)


Good to see you're making the switch, Julie! I hope the mass exodus will have some effect on their choice of advertisers. I've got your blog updated in the sidebar listing. And thank you so much for the wonderful articles you write for LFLF! The most recent one was a perfect end-piece - a beautiful summation of unschooling truths.


Kudos on the rant. I couldn't agree more.

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