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Delores (Dee) Cook

Hi Shana, I'm Dee your second cousin! Your Mother, Kay, is my favorite cousin!

The pictures of Grandma's house are great. Renters usually don't treat it so well. The last time I drove by the place, it looked awful with junk everywhere. The old barn was also the car shed. When I was a little girl about 5, Grandma had me go under that barn to see if a hen had been laying eggs there....and sure enough...there must have been about ten eggs or more or so it seemed to me at the time. I remember bringing them out wrapped up in the skirt of my dress and sliding out ever so gently from under the edge of the barn. To the right of the barn was where bushel baskets of pears picked from the orchard would be placed to be picked up by those who came to visit. I remember the smell, quite different than from the other side of the barn. Oh and there was another barn, this was the small one.

Grandma and Pa's place was my favorite place to go. I lived with several different times while growing up. The longest was when I was in the fourth grade. There seemed to be time there, not that time was still, but time to ponder things.

Grandma didn't have a hot water heater until after Big Daddy died, I think it was the early 70's. Prior to that the minerals from the well water would rust out the tank to soon. So she always boiled water from the cistern for a bath or to do the dishees. When doing the dishes in the evening, she would smoke one cigeratte while waiting for that water to boil. It was a much more patient world than the one we live in today.

I think you may have some of Grandma's story telling abilities. People loved to come to see her. She never drove, but folks always came by to see her, she made them feel really good.

Just thought you might enjoy some of my memories of the place.

I also have several versions of the picture of the road to Grandma's place. I'll see if I can find them for you.

Thanks for the memories,

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