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My sister-in-law is a television editor and she's worked on some of the wife swap programs. It is nothing about the families and everything about the drama. Without the tension being overplayed it would just be informative and that surely isn't the point. Sigh...

That was clearly not unschooling on that video. Not that I'm the unschooling police or anything, but really": "as long as you get done what has to be done..." "mom is a personal tutor" "sitting at the kitchen table doing their work"...again sigh...



What's interesting, is I know the mother from a list that I'm on. Her family is actually much more "unschooly" than what was portrayed. The older son is working out of math books because he wants to, they don't generally sit at the kitchen table to do "work" and leave the sick child on the couch alone, etc. I guess this is what happens when a reporter and camera person show up and start talking about good shots and then edit out what doesn't "work for them." One of the many reasons I have never let them into my own home....


The funny thing is that the sitting at the table was totally the reporters idea. Barb (the mom who was featured) said that they had gotten lots of good footage of the kids doing lots of fun, unschooly things, but the reporter really wanted a "kitchen table" shot and of course that is what they used. What is it about reporters doing a homeschooling story (even an unschooling story!) that they have to have that kitchen table shot?

If you are curious, here is Barb's blog where she talks about the interview:
(Scroll down a bit as it looks like she is having problems with her blog)

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